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Ultimate List of Exotic French Bulldog Names Brody Zoey Alice Sal Brock Betsy Izzy Squirt Lily Jacqueline Jaws Blossom Valerie Ashley Ivory Delphi Anakin Gracie Roscoe Georgia Ozzy Peter Wendy Oscar Gator Tiny Screw Ball Cleoy Samson Squirt Tempest Lola Captain Milo Nutty-Professer Judy-Pie Venom Lilo Rogue Aries Dahlia Penelope Chloe Specializing in beautiful Chocolate and Blue French Bulldogs. Make sure you are not only choosing the right breed for you, but also that you're getting it from the right individual. These can sometimes be referred to as Fad colors and can encompass a large range of unique looking French Bulldogs Blue French Bulldog The Blue French Bulldog is caused by the combination of a set of recessive genes. About Our French Bulldog Breeders In Michigan. The French Bulldog is a sturdy little Bulldog with large, erect, rounded, bat ears, a flat, powerful muzzle and a pug nose. Beautiful Exotic French Bulldog Lilac Fawn Male. They reach the same weight and height as the average Frenchies. We know how important it is to know where your puppy comes from and what conditions he/she lives in. Our Sweet frenchie puppies for sale are ready for adoption to their new forever homes. We have prepared exotic collection of French Bulldog names for your male and female dogs. Breed: French Bulldog(male) Birthdate: 11-01-2020 Color: Blue and tan Status: Available. Source: EXAMINING THE RARE COLORS IN A FRENCHIE. Licenses: USDA Not Required State Not Required. vegas exotic frenchbulldogs Finest Quality French Bulldog Breeder To Reserve Contact Us at: (725) 244-8768 Home Available Puppies Up Coming Breedings About Us Welcome too Vegas Exotic French Bulldogs where our goal is to breed the Finest Frenchies in the world. The French Bulldog has enjoyed a long history as a companion dog. I'm Rafa Betancourt. An Exotic French Bulldog is a term used to refer to Frenchie's that don't conform to the breed standard. They're being bred and sold so quickly that there are waiting lists for the puppies. We have a very select, well planned, top french. Inventive breeders are crossing into other strains that do carry Merle, typically Chihuahuas, to create Merle French Bulldogs Until it's officially recognized, deliberate introduction of merle, a gene that may blind, kill or impair is dangerous to the breed. LEARN MORE Exotic Frenchies Gallery LEARN MORE Contact us Now and ask for our Exotic Frenchies for Sale All our puppies are raised, loved and spoiled right in our living . Shaun White French Bulldog Name: Steve. Home of quality exotic colored french bull dogs. I founded Master Bulldogs in the year 2000 with the purpose of finding the most exotic bulldogs in the United States. Facebook: BLUEMOUNTAINFRENCHBULLDOGS. Exotic French Bulldogs & Pugs, Auckland, New Zealand. Our structure . Exotic Colors and Patterns in the French Bulldog breed _Accare the one that aren't approved by the AKC and can't participate in the ring. They are playful but calm when needed too they love to cuddle. We guarantee the purity of our beloved bulldogs because we only market puppies from our kennel and therefore availability is limited. Welcome to Exotic French Bulldogs. Quality is not expensive - it is Priceless! Currently the American Kennel Club ranks them at number 4 in their long list of most desirable. You can count on transparency from start to finish. But what causes this French Bulldog to produce this blue hue? We take pride in providing French bulldog . They have a mission to contribute positively to the French Bulldog breed as a whole, and take care to test their dogs for defects genetically, and take a clinical approach to breed using Artificial Insemination, birth via C-section, and incubate the newborn puppies to . Beautiful French bulldog lilac Isabella carrier Master bulldogs Lyon $ $ Read more; If you're looking to acquire a quality Frenchie from a quality breeder, check out their . They are isabella lilac. Our mission, first and foremost, is to produce healthy and quality puppies. We are re-defining the online pet shopping experience. With one of the most famous coat colors out there you'll surely want some of her puppies. Video answer: Problems with exotic colors in french bulldogs 10 other answers ; Your answer 26 Related questions ; Video answer: Brindle in french bulldogs how to avoid or reduce it Top best answers to the question Why do people not like brindle french bulldogs . And searching for french bulldog puppy for sale .

Exquisite puppies for those who want only the best.. 909-340-5088 Quiet and elegant, wonderful companion to opera Current .

Which is why we make sure to provide you with the healthiest and best french bulldog puppies. Our Girls. Breeds: French Bulldog. Exotic French bulldogs. AVAILABLE PUPPIES. About Us. We hope you will find a suitable name for your new pup. The blue color is the biggest trend of all for Frenchies. Jason Priestley French Bulldog name: Swifty. "Disqualifying colors and patterns include, but are not limited to, solid black, black and tan, black and white, white with black, blue, blue fawn, liver, and merle. Isabella french bulldog is often referred to as 'double lilac' or 'true lilac. Wild Blue French Bulldogs is a small home-based breeder located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in North Texas. Elite Frenchies has you covered in every way. Dee, owner of Exotic French Bulldogs strived to accommodate my visiting schedule and displayed all of the signs of a good breeder looking to place puppies in appropriate homes. Fill out Puppy Application to start the adopting process.. . Exotic French Bulldog Colors and Patterns.

Show Quality, Specializing in Exotic, Rare Colors. Breeder Name: Dee Carlin. Chrissy Teigen French Bulldog name: Pippa. Breed: French Bulldog. You can count on transparency from start to finish. Providing Health Tested, AKC Registered, and Champion Bloodlines. Exotic Rare French Bulldog puppies now available. and the best part is that she came from this loving conscientious breeder. Website: They can still . Nicola Peltz French Bulldog named name: Banksy. Exotic French bulldogs for sale in Miami. Majestic produces blue, lilac, chocolate, red, fawn, blue fawn, black, pied and other colors. Exotic, Rare Colored AKC Registered French Bulldogs The French Bulldog resembles a Bulldog in miniature, except for the large, erect "bat ears" that are the breed's trademark feature. You are also welcome to personally pick up your puppy yourself. They can present with a white patch on his chest, and a darker mask. We have gathered huge collection of cute, silly and funny names for French Bulldogs.. The duo specializes in breeding French Bulldogs with various coats and patterns such as blues, chocolates, creams, sables, fawns, brindles, and many more. standing with the American Kennel Club. Email: 1990 in Las Vegas, specializing in Exotic French Bulldogs, Generations of breeding to get the perfect structure and colors. We have been raising and taking care of the best French Bull Dogs in Chicago for over 10 years now. The Exotic Bully is a dog breed that possesses Bulldog characteristics but is slightly different from the original American Bullies. We are a hobby breeder specializing in AKC registered exotic French Bulldogs. The Rock's French Bulldog name: Hobbs. The "blue" color can vary quite . 12 reviews of Exotic French Bulldogs "Love my puppy. Available Dogs. Our passion for Frenchies began many years ago. The head is large and square, with heavy wrinkles rolled above the extremely short nose. Please emial us if you are interested at, Please note these are extremely rare color and are gone very quickly. Just a few easy steps and you can adopt a HRK puppy today! Fernandez Exotic Frenchies is your place for French Bulldogs in Key Largo, FL. We absolutely LOVE this breed! We will have 1 Blue Fawn Female NOW Available. About our place. Welcome To European Exotic French BullDog Get in Touch contact us To confirm a reservation a $500 deposit is required.

We are located near the California Oregon border. Date listed: 04/04/2022. Because breeders need two LH genes to create . We strive to Color: Isabella. You might have heard of some Frenchie colors being called "exotic". Tags: Frenchie bulldog Isabella chocolate tricolor exotic Merle french bulldog harlequin CREAM PLATINUM COCO BLUE blue merle delivery AKC. Upcoming Litter. Exotic french bulldogs, french bulldog puppies for sale, french bulldog resource. Beautiful, proportional Exotic Black Tan french bulldog is waiting for you. Facebook; Instagram; Facebook; Instagram; About Us; Adults; Delivery; . So if you're looking for a unique and exotic name for your little one, then you can't go wrong with one of these popular french names. If you are searching for a happy, healthy, home raised puppy, you have come to the right place. The Exotic Bulldog House breeding farm was born after getting to know this wonderful breed, the Exotic English Bulldog, and thanks to decades of canine experience of three guys: Lorenzo, Alberto and Nicola, who have an extraordinary passion for the canine world and professional dog training. Adult French Bulldogs (fluffy or short-haired) weigh 22 to 28 pounds and stand at 11-13 inches tall. I have 3 exotic lilac french bulldogs for sale. Exotic french bulldog - Page 1/102 5076 best questions for Exotic french bulldog We've collected 5076 best questions in the Exotic french bulldog category so you can quickly find the answer to your question! French Bulldog Puppy for Sale near California, LOS ANGELES, USA. Dream Valley Frenchies Texas. We specialize exclusively in French Bulldogs ("Frenchies") - both standard colors and BLUE French bulldog puppies - although we are also owned by and home . (904) 574-7644. Starting Adoption Fees: The following list is to provide our families with an estimate as to the value of an Exotic French Bulldog as each puppy is unique and their adoption fee is derived from a variety of factors. We specialise In High Quality Healthy, Testable & New Shade French Bulldogs. We are passionate French Bulldog Breeders all our puppies are raised in our home with love and dedication and the best nutrition, all our Frenchies puppies are top quality AKC register, we select the best dogs to ensure , good temperament , confirmation , structure and health, Most of our blood lines are European but Small size the range 20 to 25 pounds, we have French bulldogs puppies for sale available to good homes, we specialize in produce exotic rare colors like , lilac French bulldogs . We specialize in the better of the French Bulldog Breed! Where we offer some of the finest quality standard and exotic colored French Bulldogs for sale! Beautiful Exotic French Bulldog Blue and Tan stud service , Pluto Read more; Sale! They have clear-ish blue eyes. We take pride in producing High Quality AKC French Bulldogs that have beautiful conformation and structure. Females of the breed are just a bit smaller. The square flat head is not as massive as the English Bulldog's, the forehead is rounded. Northern Exotic Frenchies Puppies & Stud Services . We are reputable French Bulldog breeders. Welcome to Uptown Frenchies, established in 2018 we have an exceptional passion for what we do. Specialized in standard and exotic French Bulldogs, located in Northern Colorado. Exotic Frenchies FRENCHIHOLIC IS A SAN FRANCISCO SMALL FRENCH BULLDOG BREEDING PROGRAM FOCUSED ON PRODUCING QUALITY FOR THE PAST 11 YEARS OUR FOCUS IS HEALTH, STRUCTURE THEN COLOR. Puppies and Stud service available. AKC Female Exotic French Bulldogs Available; Dogs & Puppies French Bulldog AKC Female Exotic French Bulldogs Available. List of english bulldog names from a to z puppy names and dog names. We have dedicated years to learn and mature ourselves as breeder and the best caretakers we can be. You can see this puppy in instagram here - > Visit Website View phone number. Socialized, great with other dogs, house trained and good on a leash. We offer all colors and patterns along with standards. If you are lucky enough to score a French bulldog as a family member, then we have shared giant list of names. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied towards the adoption fee.

They are 2 months old and 4 weeks. Naming a Bulldog can be a complicated process. Brindle French bulldog: The brindle Frenchie is a classic French bulldog, with the Agouti gene. Fawn Frenchies. The fluffy French Bulldog colors are limited compared to the colors of the standard breed. High Roller Kennels est. Our Dogs. Fluffy French Bulldogs are as rare as the Painite gemstone which is why they cost a small fortune and not everyone can afford them. Breeds Available: French Bulldog. A truly black French Bulldog has an unique DNA of a/a. Other colors considered rare in French Bulldogs are the black and tan (like a Doberman), and the all black with no trace of brindle. Home - Lindor French Bulldogs / Healthy Male and Female French Bulldog Puppies / Our available puppies / Call today to purchase your Frenchie! We are small top quality professional breeders of exotic and rare French Bulldogs in good. French Bulldogs are among the most popular breeds in the world. Birthdate: 05-15-2021. An Ethical Dog Breeder. Welcome to Northern Exotic French Bulldogs Welcome to Northern Exotic French Bulldogs Welcome to Northern Exotic French Bulldogs. ADN-365113. Our Frenchies are purebred and AKC registered. All Puppies are AKC Certified. We are located in Houston, Texas. I traveled every corner of this country until I achieved it.Today we are considered the breeder with the best . What French Bulldog colors are considered exotic? We love our exotic . Dream Valley Frenchies is a mother-daughter operation in Austin, Texas that has been breeding dogs for over 12 years. Health. Their mom is lilac blue. Puppy Sales, Stud Services, Boarding/Sitting Referrals and Pet Photography/Videography Production Services for Families and Dog Breeding Program Promotions of Studs and Upcoming Litters. Litter of 8. We offer various French Bulldogs for sale in colors including Blue, Merle, Pied, Isabella, Lilac, and Blue Fawn. Recently family members have gotten passionate too about this breed and we have other locations closer to Los Angeles.

It's sad that these breeders are after a profit without regard for the health of the breed. Fawn is officially recognized as a French Bulldog color by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

We are a small, private French bulldog breeder service based out of Novi, Mi. All of our Pups come from excellent Pedigree, sweet temperament and oustanding looks. Available Dogs. Our Frenchies are raised kids, chosen for health, temperament, structure and proven quality lineage. About Us. Here we offer Top Quality Frenchies for every person. The skin is soft and fairly loose, making the dog very pleasant to pet. Date listed: 05/26/2022. French Bulldogs LA is a French bulldog breeder located just outside Los Angeles in the Ojai Valley of Ventura County in Southern California. All of our frenchies come from the healthiest American and European Champion bloodlines and are all registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) as are all puppies that leave our home. Color: Lilac Merle and Tan. Exotic English Bulldog Breeding Farm. We are a small in-home registered breeder dedicated to breeding high quality and exotic coloured French Bulldogs. This dog is not like any other bulldog because it has some features of a pug and a shih tzu. Pet Service I'm Rafa Betancourt. Martha Stewart French Bulldog name: Sharkey. Para atencin en espaol: 7863428148. Feel free to message for any inquiries at 3238330041. I founded Master Bulldogs in the year 2000 with the purpose of finding the most exotic bulldogs in the United States. They're unique, beautiful and a little exotic. Phone: (909) 340-5088. Description; Location Map; Share; Favourite; Report SITE UPDATED ~ 06/21/2021 Some of the French bulldog exotic colors for sale you may find include: Fawn French bulldog: These dogs may have cream or slightly yellowish or reddish color, sometimes with black markings on the face. Tags: French Bulldog Puppy for sale in LOS ANGELES, CA, USA. STEP 01: FILL OUT PUP APPLICATION. Exotic French Bulldog Breeder! We are located in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Beautiful French bulldog Blue Merle and Tan Isabella carrier ( Female ), Master bulldogs Tokio $ $ Add to cart; Sale! French Bulldog Colors Explained 1. The newest member of the Robertson Family is a Exotic Blue Fawn Frenchie. 3. $6,000. Health, structure and color are our priority in that order. The costliest french bulldog color is isabella that comes for $10,000 , and merle for $8000. Come and join the best Frenchie family! All of our dogs are raised in our home with us and . The english bulldog is the most expensive of all bulldog breeds. Located in Central Texas, we are a family, veteran and friends owned small business. Exotic French Bulldogs, French Bulldog puppies for sale, French Bulldog Resource. Status: Available. Send Message Click To View NUMBER. They specialize in producing French Bulldogs with exotic color genetics. The truth about most of these fad colors are that they are made by breeding Frenchies with other dog breeds. It will cost you around $3500-$5000 to bring a black or a black pied French Bulldog home. Our sweet French Bulldog puppies are raised underfoot and are exposed to . Affectionate, raised with tender loving care. If you want a Fancy Frenchie look no further we have you showstopper here. We are a SMALL Hobby/ Show breeder and pride ourselves on producing the best French Bulldogs in the world.

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