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Our dogs are raised for health, temperament, and beauty in a loving home environment. They are considered miniature in size and most are expected to weigh approximately 25-35# as adults. Keepsake Goldendoodles has been breeding puppies in Ohio for a very long time. Esm Doodles.

Since 2016, our family has been breeding* and raising allergy-friendly AKC registered Standard Poodles and F1b Doodles (Goldendoodles) in Northern California (Sacramento area). This page was updated on June 4th. Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shipping Lots of different size and color combinations to choose from. $1,000. Registered Name: Majestic's Keepsake's Sea of Love. $49.50 $66.00. This adorable keepsake features a Golden Doodle sitting in the back of a vintage red truck while peeking over the tailgate. DEPOSIT IS INCLUDED IN TOTAL AMOUNT DUE. Demi Mini goldendoodle $3850 Read More. 2.9K members Join group About this group We raise quality Goldendoodles, Poodles and Bernedoodles in our Norton, Ohio home, all parents are fully health tested according their breed standard and the standards set forth by the Goldendoodle club. We strive to breed the total dog working hard to ensure our dogs have the winning combination of health, trainability, and that personable family-dog temperament that makes a great pet. Goin' Doodles is a family based breeder specializing in F1b and F1bb Labradoodles. We are a small breeder of standard, mini, and toy Goldendoodles located in the beautiful hills of central Ohio. Weight/Height/Size: 45 pounds; 21 inches . . Goldendoodle Leather Dog Keychain Custom Pet Loss Pet Sympathy Dog Memorial Gift Pet Tag Dog Tag ID Tag Personalized Birthday Gift Ad by KeyPup Ad from shop KeyPup KeyPup From shop KeyPup. Our Goldendoodles have passed all OFA recommended breed testing for both Golden Retrievers and Poodles. Shop Goldendoodle Gift Golden Doodle Print Keepsake Box designed by ADMIN_CP146423357. We at keepsake golendoodles, bernedoodles and akc poodles raise quality puppies in petite, miniature, medium & standard including merle with much time, care and devotion spent with them in our home. This is one of the highest honors that you can get as a dog breeder. Cedar lake doodles is a small in home breeder located in southeast Wisconsin. Goldendoodle Leather Dog Keychain Custom Pet Loss Pet Sympathy Dog Memorial Gift Pet Tag Dog Tag ID Tag Personalized Birthday Gift Ad by KeyPup Ad from shop KeyPup KeyPup From shop KeyPup. 2022 Goldendoodles Calendar. Miniature Goldendoodles are their specialty, as well as Bernedoodles. Moss Creek Goldendoodles > Owned by Goldendoodle . Price$3,000 - $3,200. They have had over 18 AKC champion dogs when they were breeding Havanese dogs and are a longstanding member in the AKC Breeders of Merit and Breeders of Heart. Hello Beautiful Goldendoodles. Ruby and Archie will produce mini/med Goldendoodles. Keepsake Doodles Website. This sculpture is hollow (to hold ashes) and was created to be displayed as a loving reminder of a beloved family companion. To become the proud owner of a puppy from this popular breeder, you need to complete a detailed questionnaire and undergo a telephone interview. The sire of her litter, Griffey, was born here. Merle Goldendoodles are healthy, playful, and well-behaved canines that fit any family and lifestyle. Help Center. Multigen Petite, Mini, Medium. $800. We also breed Golden Bernedoodles and Bernedoodles. We have a strong history of healthy puppies with outstanding composition. Below is a list of Goldendoodle Breeders throughout the United States, Canada, and Norway. The Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA)'s primary objective is to promote and guide the development of the Goldendoodle to achieve breed standards while maintaining optimum health.

Adorable Goldendoodles is a Veterinarian recommended breeder - many times over. Although they sometimes have standard-sized Goldendoodles among their litter. Is the Merle Goldendoodle right for me? Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shipping (844) 988-0030 JACE Mini Bernedoodle $3850 . As a bonus, they're also hypoallergenic. Height: 9-14 inches. 2.3 Keepsake Goldendoodles; 2.4 Ohio Goldendoodle; 2.5 Miniature Goldendoodles; 2.6 Two Ps in a Pod - Goldendoodle Breeder; 2.7 Simply Beautiful Goldendoodles; 2.8 ohio goldendoodles; 2.9 Forever Goldendoodle; 2.10 Whitehouse Labradoodles and Goldendoodles; 2.11 Farmer Doodles; 2.12 Golden Doodle Dandy Keepsake Goldendoodles 3. merle & tuxedo puppy pricing (updated 01/01/2021): Standard merle & tuxedo puppies $300 deposit + $2,300 balance = $2,600 total. QUICK RECOMMENDATION- If you're getting ready to bring home a puppy then we highly recommend the Snuggle Puppy Toy w/ Heartbeat and Heat Pack. Keepsake: Ohio: Farmer Doodles: Medina: Ohio: Timberidge . BIRCH MINI F1 BERNEDOODLE $4850 Read More. Shop our handsomely crafted Goldendoodle-face wristwatches for Goldendoodle lovers, keepsake figurines and other Goldendoodle merchandise. Keepsake's Fire N Ice Tucker Tucker is a miniature F1bb English Goldendoodle with gorgeous red and white parti markings and black points. Once you apply, Robin will get back to you about availability, pricing and next steps. Looking for a Goldendoodle puppy in Norton? Keepsake Goldendoodles is also a recommended Goldendoodle breeder in Ohio by Good Dog . We are a small family breeder of labradoodles, goldendoodles and australian labradoodles. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Gracie's first litter. We are located in the City of Murrieta, CA! Looking for a Goldendoodle puppy in ? Ruby has a straight coat and Archie has a . On occasion we will breed F1 or F1B goldendoodles. GANA guides breeders to the common goal of establishing reliability in coat, type, health, and temperament. You'll be asked to provide information about yourself and what you are looking for so the breeder can help you find the right match. Product information Item Weight 11 pounds Manufacturer McDarlins Calligraphy ASIN B00JYMAWEY Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars 6 ratings. Male. Measures 5.5 Crafted from resin ; Includes satin ribbon for easy display Our dogs are part of the family and as such, we take great pride in providing excellent care while supplying lots of love for them. Jenny Tinnin 6/29/22 Jenny Tinnin 6/29/22. Our testing regimen includes genetic DNA health testing (160 different diseases), coat, color, and breed) by embark . I also guarantee the health of each puppy and will provide a life . She lives with us in our home, and she is a cherished member of our family! We realize that being a quality breeder means you receive a healthy puppy from health-tested parents who has been started on early family socialization and beginning training. He is also also quite the little snuggler too! Ollie Mini FoneB - Goldendoodle Puppy for Sale in Middlebury, IN. Goldendoodle Wearing A Hat with String Lights Printed Ornament for 2021 Christmas Tree Decoration Puppy Dog Mom Dad Animal Pet Lover Gift Xmas Decor Car Hanging Ornament Rearview Mirror Accessory 10 $16 99 95. Our goal is to produce healthy, happy puppies with exceptional temperaments. We don't sell pets. Handmade custom ceramic sculpture urn for goldendoodle Winslow. Keepsake Goldendoodles. In addition to that, they're longstanding AKC Breeder of Merit and AKC Bred with HEART program members. We live on a small hobby farm consisting of horses, ponies, and of course Goldendoodles! Welcome to the home of Email: [email protected] Phone: 330-620-8305. Male. We specialize in breeding mini and medium English goldendoodles in shades of cream to apricot. At Keepsake Goldendoodles, located in Norton, Ohio, their goal is to provide all customers with healthy, social, and active Goldendoodles. Goldendoodles Bernedoodles Golden Retrievers Poodles Cavapoos AUSSIEDOODLES and SHEPADOODLES Blog Apply contact mini Goldendoodles . Demi Mini goldendoodle $3850 Read More. Go Home Date8 Weeks After Birth. $16.95 $ 16. Go Home Date8 Weeks After Birth. Mini/Med Multigen Goldendoodles 30-40 lbs Breeding expected to occur in November/Dec for babies to arrive in Jan/Feb and go home in March/April 2023. Weight: 7-18 lb. Website Email 001262 1115 Facebook Page Track Order. Adorable Goldendoodles is approved and inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Animal Health Division. His fur is so soft and wavy, and his full furnishings add to his teddy bear appearance! Just a Boy Who Loves Goldendoodles Cu Keepsake Box. A Flat Coat is a Goldendoodle who doesn't have the typical Goldendoodle look, the curls or waves, and 'furnishings' which are the beard, mustache, and eyebrows that give him his trademark Goldendoodle look. Twin Creek Goldendoodle Puppies 5. Bank products and services are offered by Axos Bank . Each creation is entirely hand-crafted, and designed to become a .

Minimal Shedding: Goldendoodles are great for people who do not want to deal with hair in their homes and vehicles because they shed very minimally. All deposit accounts through Axos Bank brands are FDIC insured through Axos Bank. Check out the breeder profile of Keepsake for details including contact information. ***please see information on How to get a SBG puppY*** Goldendoodle Breeders in Oklahoma (OK) Cow Creek Doodles Available for reservation NOW!! The flat coated Goldendoodle can and usually does look very much like his Golden Retriever parent although he is sometimes built like . . If you're interested in a puppy from Keepsake Doodles, please apply. Active: Goldendoodles require a moderate amount of exercise to maintain a happy and healthy life. They come in multiple sizes, and you can pick the one that suits your lifestyle. Goldendoodle Ornament with Unique "Dangling Legs" Hand Painted and Easily Personalized Christmas Ornament 655 $10 55 Get it as soon as Tue, Apr 12 Doodle Mom Goldendoodle Mom Keepsake Box. Timberidge Goldendoodles 6. Together, as a family, we raise healthy & intelligent Goldendoodles that will be a part of your family for a long time. All puppies are loved and meticulously cared for, from our home to their forever home.

Forever Goldendoodle 9. Female. 2020 Spring Fling Romp Shirt T-Shirt $22.95: Romp1back2 Tank Top $21.99: Romp1back2 T-Shirt $21.95: . $49.50 $66.00. You can find healthy blue Merle Goldendoodles at Keepsake Doodles, Ohio. View Puppies. $14.99. A 5 star breeder, Simply Beautiful Goldendoodle Puppies in Ohio. Adorable Miniature Goldendoodles Our goal is to provide you with a happy and healthy dog of a lifetime. Goldendoodle dog lovers love our Goldendoodle-theme gifts, holiday ornaments, calendars, apparel and jewelry from Animal Den. $49.50 $66.00. The Best Goldendoodle Breeders are members of GANA. Goldendoodles Bernedoodles Golden Retrievers Poodles Cavapoos AUSSIEDOODLES and SHEPADOODLES Blog Apply contact mini Goldendoodles . We are Proud to be a blue ribbon breeder with Goldendoodle Association of North America and accredited Excellent by Good Dog. All deposit accounts of the same ownership and/or vesting held at Axos Bank are combined and insured under the same FDIC Certificate 35546. Available in all colors. We specialize in multigen Goldendoodles and bernedoodles.

We are a small family breeder located in Loveland, Ohio. Great designs on decorative wooden jewelry boxes. A mix between a poodle and a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Price$3,000 - $3,200. Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodles. Rosie and Tucker welcomed twelve beautiful English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodle babies into the world on October 8th four girls and eight boys! It doesn't stop there, Keepsake Doodles are also certified by GANA (Goldendoodle Association Of North America). Indy Mini goldendoodle $3850 . Celebrate your Goldendoodle with a personalized Christmas ornament! 5.0 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank Email: [email protected] Phone: 330-241-4805. Goldendoodle Breeders in Ohio (OH) Keepsake Doodles Norton, Ohio. Contact us at for more information. Call Name: Juneau. . Indy Mini goldendoodle $3850 . Add to Favorites More colors Peace Love Golden Doodle Shirt,Doodle Mom T-Shirt,Doodle Shirt,Goldendoodle Shirt,Dog Mom,Dog . Keepsake Robin . First widely bred in 1990s, the crossbreed is bred in three different size varieties corresponding to the size variety of Poodle used as a parent. Ace Med F one B - Goldendoodle Puppy for Sale in Middlebury, IN. The goal of my breeding program is to breed goldendoodles with three areas of concern in mind: health, temperament, and beauty! Moderate Maintenance: Goldendoodles require regular grooming and occasional trimming to maintain a good coat. Petite merle & tuxedo puppies $300 deposit + $2,900 balance = $3,200. Colorado Doodlebugs Colorado Doodlebugs Details 5. 5.0 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank

Dabbing Doodle Dog Pet Goldendoodle Keepsake Box. We offer a wide variety of colors, including English cream, black, chocolate, sable, merle, and phantom, in solid and parti colored patterns. They'll always be able to look up at a wall in their house, or maybe in the office, and be reminded of their Goldendoodle.

Maple Hill Doodles 4. Jenny Tinnin 7/1/22 Jenny Tinnin 7/1/22. The "Goldendoodle Dog Rules" is shown in beach over gold double mat. Goldendoodle Giving Q & A available puppies/ current litters. Twin Flames Farms Goldendoodles Twin Flames Farms Goldendoodles Details 4. Love My Doodle Keepsake Box. They even received a Breeder of Merit award for their quality Havanese puppies. goldendoodle christmas ornaments 1-48 of over 2,000 results for "goldendoodle christmas ornaments" RESULTS Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Our family loves to go on nature walks and boating on the lake in our spare time. 4.0 out of 5 stars 2. Starting as a Havanese breeder, Keepsake Goldendoodles has been continually approved and honored by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Goldendoodle Mcdoodles Keepsake Box $23.99: Goldendoodle McDoodles Throw Pillow $19.99: Goldendoodle Mcdoodles Framed Tile $12.49:

We are thrilled to partner with two amazing local breeders who raise their puppies with lots of love and intentional socialization . Temperament: Loving, friendly, intelligent, playful. Casper Med F one B - Goldendoodle Puppy for Sale in Middlebury, IN. Top 16 Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Ohio (OH) May 2, 2022 // by Lilianna Parker // Leave a Comment Contents [ hide] 1. Crush Medium F1b English Goldendoodle Expected adult weight 45-50 lbs Rex lives with a wonderful Guardian Family and is co-owned with our great friends at Keepsake Goldendoodles If you're interested in a puppy from Keepsake Doodles, please apply. Farmer Doodles Website. We specialize in breeding the allergy friendly, extremely low to non shedding F1b generation and Multi Generational Miniature Goldendoodles with the shaggy teddy bear coats. Every keepsake and urn is made with love and care. Free Returns High Quality Printing Fast Shipping (844) 988-0030. A Goldendoodle, also known as the Doodle, is bred from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Group: Not Applicable. Paws'N'Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Goldendoodle breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! $49.50 $66.00. Keepsake .

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